Saturday, 13 October 2012


A bright ray of light infiltrated through the small crack in the translucent window and perched itself stubbornly on my shut eyes, urging me to get out of my bed and enjoy the marvels of the sunny morning. I smiled, yes, because I believe in starting my day with a smile in the heart and a song on the lips. Last night, I had gone to bed listening to Taylor Swift’s “Love Story”, so now the song began playing in my mind automatically, on a loop.
I welcomed some more sunshine into my room and walked out to the sprawling terrace, to warm up to the day that lay ahead. A cool breeze blew a few strands of my unkempt hair and I stood there, while happy birds were chirping, singing their hearts out, calling out to their mates, flocking together in the blue skies above.
The fog was clearing slowly and steadily. And the path was becoming clear. The nights were cold and chilly but along came the mornings that warmly cuddle you with boundless hope and a silent happiness.
In the past few months, there have been rough times and I did silly things alright, but there were also moments that made me laugh my heart out and conversations that were deeply insightful.
There have been moments of despair but there were also those moments that brought about a deep sense of satisfaction.
Life is about collecting memories, cherishing the precious people, looking within and bringing the change out. Life is about laughing and falling in love- with all the good people you’ve known but most importantly, with yourself.
I Love Me!
Oh, yes I do! With all my imperfections and ridiculous whims, for all those silly actions and compassionate times-I do love myself. Sometimes I introspect, concentrating on accentuating my strengths and finding ways to curb my faults. I’m not afraid that I might do something really stupid- I’m very much afraid of not learning from what went wrong. I don’t care about people judging me, I care about protecting meaningful relationships.
Life is about people- people who you care for and who will return your love. It’s not about those who stand and gossip on you. It’s not about pleasing people who don’t matter.
Life is about moments- good and bad, not about the times you did something to fit in to others’ definition of ‘cool’.
Life is about “you”, so stop being somebody else. You are your dream and you have a story of your own. Break the shackles of your false perceptions and experience reality- it’s not that scary, really!
Don’t dismiss your fantasies; they are not that impossible after all. Like our good old Napolean told us- where there is a will, yup, there’s a way. So find your way through those insurmountable problems, through tricky situations, through ruffians, through odd circumstances. And when you try hard and still can’t find a way through them, try finding a way around them. But find it never the less and take it- take the road you want to travel- less traveled/more traveled doesn’t matter as long as you are sure you’ll enjoy the walk. There are no good choices, bad choices- it’s all about owning up the decisions you make. So go ahead and make some life changing decisions- what to have for breakfast today? which shirt to put on? how to style your hair? Contrive ways to amuse yourself! You deserve it!
A motto to live by? 
"Hakuna Matata"!!!


  1. cheered me up girl...u are a bundle of happiness!!

  2. WoW Akhila...I feel boosted with optimism!!! Very Well wriTten!


    1. Thanks Himaja!
      Hakuna Matata, it is! :)