Saturday, 4 July 2015

Autumn Joy

Joy walked across the park where a beautiful young woman was sitting with a yellow maple leaf in her hands. 
"You never cease to amaze me, Joy. One minute, you're following me around like a petty pot of glue and as soon as I'm out of the picture, you're onto conquering the next challenge."
"Look who's talking", laughed Joy, "While you last, you're a celebration. And then you're gone, for months on end. You raise desperate hopes and then leave a cold trail. And right when I'm recovering from the void you'd left behind, you jump back in, more beautiful and vibrant than before. How am I to help myself?"
"Stop chasing me", Autumn snapped mischievously. 
"I would if I could", Joy answered matter-of-factly.
Her laugh was crisp, like the raking of leaves. 
"You're always changing Autumn, you're in a constant flux. It's taken me many seasons to learn and accept that you'd be gone only to come back but you won't stay with me forever."
"Forever is too much to ask for Joy, but while I'm here, I'm yours, should anything else matter this instant?"
Joy gazed at her for a long minute before he said, "No. Nothing else matters at this instant".
"So what are we waiting for?", Autumn cheered, "Let's spread the smiles."
Joy laughed a hearty laugh that set the wind ablaze. The beautiful young woman sitting under the maple tree smiled radiantly, as the wind sifted gently through her hair, telling her not to worry. And at that instant, she looked up to find a smart young man walking towards her with a bunch of flowers. In his nervousness, he tripped over an untied shoelace and fell to the ground. The little boys playing near by, burst in to a fit of laughter but a small girl came to help him get back on his feet. He offered the bunch of roses as a sign of gratitude for her kindness as she blushed and giggled. The little girl's grandparents, observing this from a distance, were filled with pride and embraced her tiny figure when she ran back to them. The little boys went back to play, the grandparents resumed their evening walk around the park with the little girl joyfully hopping through the autumn leaves, and the young couple hugged under the maple tree. 
"Look what we've made", said Autumn vibrantly, "Together we're an unstoppable force for spreading happiness".
"Aren't we magic?", remarked Joy gleefully, watching their work of art.


  1. Autumn and Joy, Beware! Winter is coming :D
    Nicely written, Kakz :)

  2. Nice message, beautifully worded!